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Getting Started

Discussion in 'Server Information' started by Phaernun, Jul 19, 2016.

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    Jun 22, 2016
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    ~ Getting Started ~


    ~ Welcome!
    Tales of Palanai is a community roleplaying server on Legends of Aria.

    Our goal with Palanai is to re-create an Persistent World RPG experience inspired by the great servers of Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2. We want to provide the foundation for an immersive fantasy world, continuously evolving through the actions of the players' characters.

    There are a few things that were very important to us when we began this project. We want to give the players a great deal of opportunities to make the world their own. To provide players with a great deal of creative freedom. We also want to have characters be able to impact a continuously evolving world.

    ~ Servers
    Our server will consist of a single world, divided in three large regions hosted in Europe, Australia and North America. These are all connected for travel in between them. Each of these regions will be large enough and have enough interesting content to be viable on their own, to reduce latency for our international community.

    • New Caris (Europe, coming 2018)

    IP Address:
    • New Estermond (Australia, coming 2018)
    IP Address:

    • TBD (North America, TBD)

    IP Address:

    ~ Original Setting
    Palanai is set in a custom made fantasy world by the name of Ethra. We worked hard to create an immersive world for the players, that encourages player creativity, players can make their own, and that works well as a Sandbox RPG.


    The server provides our players with an original fantasy setting. The world of Ethra is theirs to immerse themselves in and to make their own.

    You can download the Lore Guide here:

    For more information check out the topic on our Campaign Setting:

    ~ Custom Ruleset & Mods
    We are creating a completely new ruleset for Tales of Palanai. The basis of which is 5th Edition,, which we will be releasing to the whole of the Legends of Aria community.

    On top of this, we are adding several homebrew mods unique to our server. For more information check out this topic on our Custom Ruleset & Mods:

    ~ Custom Assets
    In order to truly build the world we have set out to create, we will be adding a great deal of custom assets. For more information on our custom assets check out this topic:

    ~ Joining the Development & GM Team
    We are always looking for new enthusiastic people to join our team. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • writers for the lore, dialogues and in game descriptions,
    • modders and artists to help us create our scripts and custom assets,
    • gameplay designers for our systems and game encouters,
    • area designers for our world creation, and
    • community moderators and storytellers for our GM (Game Masters) Team.
    If you are interrested, simply contact us via the forum or discord.
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